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Employability & Improving Employability

Current issue is not unemployment but under employment. Due to lack of necessary skills individuals are not able to get their first job or could move up the ladder in their organisations. This page would discuss various issues of poor employability and means and ways to improve employability

How does one improve his Employability? His ability to get his first job and his ability to achieve higher promotions.

The recent report suggests that more than 75% of the graduates who pass out of Indian Universities are unemployable. How does this happen?  The students who studies for about 15 years are considered unemployable. Strange! Because the focus is more into academics and completion the Syllabus. This does not influence the individual either at their personal level or in their ability to move around with people or in their ability to withstand emotional upheaval or stress.

Life skills which are considered as Psycho-Social competencies helps individual to understand himself better, his areas of interests, his values, his strengths and based on a good knowledge the individual would be confident about himself (Self Confidence), he would estimate himself to be a better person (Self Esteem). Life Skills helps individual to understand their Self Identity and hence would be very clear about their Self Concept.

Effective communication which is a core life skill when practiced by individuals in their day to day life would help them to become excellent communicators which would lead to better job prospects.

Interpersonal Relationship Skills which is another Core Life skills enables encourages and increases to be able to relate with others better. Life skills help people to understand the need to relate with other individuals (soft skills) and train them so that they become competent in their interpersonal skills.

When individuals practice Life skills they become more competent and of course more employable

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