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Why South African Cricket team lost world cup match – lack of skills – Life skills

April 9, 2015

Why did South African cricket team lose the world cup match?

It is due to lack of “Life skills”. The professional cricket team is quite skilled. There is no dearth of practice. They have spent hours practicing the skills:- fielding, batting & bowling.

Where they probably had failed is to practice “life skills”. They could not cope with the situation; and were overwhelmed by events. They could note internalise the match situation. This lead to poor catching, poor shot selection low morale during the match. Skilled but their life’s killed due to their approach

Contrary to this, compare 1983 world cup Indian cricket team. It never had big names. Not skilled – nothing great about their abilities with their batting, fielding and bowling. But they displayed life skills- as they did not panic; they were a team; had right thinking about their approach and enjoyed the opportunity. Mentally, they were more balanced.  The result is history.

Moral of the story is Skills without Life skills will not help. The government is focussing on skill development. Focussing only on technical or vocational skills ignoring life skills would not fetch the desired results.

Life skills are abilities for adaptive and positive behaviour that enables individual to meet the demand and challenges of everyday life – World Health Organization

Playing to win and playing not to lose are two different things mentally.




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