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Bench Period

March 29, 2013

Recently a new recruit in a IT firm who underwent my training program called me.  The individual was little upset on not been allotted a project and had been asked to take supportive roles.

“Is it to take calls have I studied Engineering” the person fumed.  Obviously after put in a lot of hard work to ensure that they get into good Engineering college and then to get placed on campus recruitment, with dreams of working for a good organisation. Not into the project made the individual feel depressed.

Similarly another incident where almost all the member of the new recruits have been put into projects except one.  The individual felt isolated as all the batch-mates are into project.  This made the individual to break down during the session of the induction training program.

We could understand the agony these individual underwent, considering that they are just from the college.

Many of us have undergone a similar situation or have witnessed friends undergo these turmoil, sitting on the Bench.

Suggestions for individuals are:

Please list out all your achievements in a sheet a paper.

You may also record these achievements on your mobile and listen to it as often as possible.

For a moment please consider those individuals who were along with you in your college and yet  to be placed in any organisation.

Count your blessings: count all the things you have blessed with. The number might surprise you.

Dr. Wayne dyer says, feeling motivated or depressed is a choice you make.

Use life skills. choose to be positive. The two techniques suggested above would help individuals to stay positive.

Smile at others. Shares pleasantries. You not only make the other person feel better, but would do yourself a world of good.

Consider, Bench period as a time where you are paid to improve  yourselves. Do not focus only on the technical skills, also practice and improve your life skills. Because once you have gained life competency problems and challenges are not going to bother you.

Is their any one in this world who does not have problem?

Change the way you think during the bench period.  Consider this as an opportunity to have over all look at yourselves rather than merely blaming the organisation or the market.

Try it.

( I Suggested the former to start enjoy taking calls and master the art of talking on a telephone, which would help the individual for their entire lifeImage)

Bench is also a paid holiday- Try to enjoy looking at your overall SELF. This might be the best time of your life.


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