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August 21, 2012

1. Do I feel as if I’m part of a team? When I talk to my employees, do I use the words “we” and
“us” instead of “you” or “I”?
2. Is my primary focus on what’s good for me, or what’s good for my team or the company?
3. Do I need a lot of positive reinforcement, or are my team’s hard work and results enough
4. Do I approach projects with an open mind – make my goals and expectations clear, then allow
my team to figure out how to accomplish them?
5. Do I engage in dialogues – not monologues – when I speak to my employees?
6. Do I view all meetings as opportunities for an exchange of information, not platforms for my
own opinions?
7. When I disagree with an employee’s ideas or methods, is my criticism constructive and
8. If I must reprimand an employee, do I do so in private, in a calm, low-key, helpful manner,
with a problem-solving rather than punitive attitude?
9. Am I sympathetic and helpful when it comes to my team members’ personal problems?

10. Am I even-handed and fair in my dealings with team members? Does each team member know
exactly what I expect from him or her?
11. Do I insist that any personal differences among individual team members be either ignored or
worked out?
12. Do I encourage members of my team to think for themselves, to express their ideas and
opinions, to take calculated risks?
13. Do I recognize and reward effort, not just results?


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