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Life Skills Topics for Youth

December 17, 2011

Life Skills Topics for Youth


    Life Skills Topics for Youththumbnail
    Life Skills Topics for Youth


    Facilitating life skills sessions for youth can be extremely beneficial for all parties involved. It is not only important for preteens and teenagers to become informed about prevalent issues such as dating, life skills facilitator will also have an increasingly better understanding about the issues young adults face from this firsthand knowledge.

    1. Body Image

      • With the myriad changes happening both outside and within, it is important for teenagers to be open about sharing their experiences with physical maturation. Open communication may help many teens realize that they are not alone in their discomfort or even dislike of the way their bodies are changing.

      Future Goals

      • Setting short and long-term goals will help youths begin to focus on what they want in their personal and professional lives as adults. The ongoing discussion about future goals is also a great way of reminding teenagers how their present actions both good and bad may affect their chances of fulfilling them.

      Self-Esteem and Peer Pressure

      • The ability to successfully resist peer pressure is deeply connected with self-esteem. Encouraging youth to build self-esteem through engagement in activities they excel in and enjoy (such as sports, arts or theater) is a great way to help them build confidence.

      Substance Issues

      • Tackling the issues of underage drinking, substance abuse and possible criminal penalties is one that should be done open and honestly. Open discussions by presenting cases of real teenagers whose lives suffered as a result of these problems.


    Dating and Sexuality

    • Discussing the options for protecting oneself from pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases, as well as outlining what youths should and should not find acceptable in dating relationships are two key life skills topics.

    1. The best way I’ve ever been able to teach my kids life skills is to start by asking them what they want in life. This works because then they want to learn more about how they can become successful.

      Then I’ll ask them questions like:

      “What do you need to go to college?”
      “How much money do you need to save?”
      “What GPA would you need to get?”

      “What can I do to help you?”

      Kids don’t know what they don’t know… and they think they know everything. So when I ask questions, they’re casual… just enough to get my kids to start thinking without feeling like I’m judging them or telling them what to do. One resource that has been helpful is a website called, which has some great video lessons.

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