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30 ways to improve your life experience

December 17, 2011

30 Ways to Quickly Improve Your Life Experience


30 Ways to Quickly Improve Your Life
1. Create a feel good morning. Start the day off spending some time (at least 20 minutes) doing whatever makes you feel good, even if you need to get up a little earlier. Start your day by connecting with yourself.2. Get enough sleep. Make sure you go to bed early enough to get however much sleep you personally need to wake up feeling rested. You cannot function optimally if you start out tired.3. Take a wake up shower. I think of it as water therapy. It makes the transition from sleeping to up and going much more enjoyable. Besides, I like to start each days life experienceclean and refreshed.4. Breathe. The very force of lifeis maintained and fueled by the simple act of breathing. Stop doing it for 5 minutes and nothing else matters. Periodically it is very beneficial to take slow, deep, controlled breaths and fill your lungs with oxygen.5. Dress to feel confident. Some clothes just make you feel better about yourself. The way we present ourselves sends powerful signals to others, but also to our own nervous system.

6. Preview your day. Take a few minutes to visualize how you want your day to go and what you intend to accomplish. See your day’s life experience unfold in a natural and satisfying way and allow yourself to look forward to it.

7. Don’t over schedule yourself. This helps prevent stress and creates a sense of control. Drop nonessential activities to create a feeling of manageability. Find ways to reduce the feeling of being rushed.

8. Do one thing at a time. Try to lay out your schedule so that you can focus on just on task at a time. Allow sufficient time to make a meaningful dent in each scheduled activity. If you can’t do that then reduce the number of things on your list.

9. Clear your head. During the transition between one activity and the next, take a moment to clear your thoughts. Close one mental file before you open the next. This will help you focus on the task at hand.

10. Get up and move. Find ways to incorporate some walking into your day. Park farther away, use the stairs, or walk to lunch. Do whatever it takes to get some fresh blood flowing through your system.

11. Eat like you care. You wouldn’t put sugar in your gas tank so don’t put garbage in your body. Your energy levels, mental clarity, and your entire life experience require that you eat the right amount of healthy food. Eat as if you care.

12. Limit distractions. Creativity and productivity are focus related. Don’t purposely invite distractions into your productive times. If need be, deal with the distractions first so you can focus on the job at hand.

13. Smile at everyoneWhen you smile at someone else, most of the time they will smile back. It’s a quick way to communicate friendliness to everyone who makes eye contact with you. You can lift their spirits and feel good doing it.

14. Be polite. When you are courteous, you show honor to others. When people feel honored by you it tends to foster mutual respect. Being polite and friendly will help bring out the best in those around you. It will improve their life experience and yours.

15. Express appreciation. Look for opportunities to legitimately commend others. Say thank you and acknowledge their efforts. The more appreciation you show, the more others will try to do nice things for you.

16. Show empathy. You can do this by validating other people’s feelings instead of telling them they shouldn’t feel a certain way. Everyone is entitled to their feelings and your validation can do wonders for their confidence.

17. Eat slower. Take time to chew and taste your food. This will make the experience more enjoyable and improve your digestion. Eating slower helps you feel satisfied with smaller meals and avoid overeating.

18. Focus on the moment. Wherever you are and whatever you are doing, try to be aware of that moment. Spend as much time as you can fully engaged in your own moment to moment life experience. As the saying goes, be here now.

19. Take pride in everything you do. I truly believe that if something is worth doing, it is worth doing right. Nobody benefits from a half-hearted effort. Doing your best will give you a greater sense of accomplishment and self-respect.

20. See the good in others. Everyone has something to contribute, some gift or talent that makes them special.  When we train ourselves to see the good in others it changes our life experience and our world suddenly fills with possibilities.

21. Cultivate patience. This can be challenging when you are in a hurry but it also brings a more relaxed feel to your life. Lack of patience can foster rude behavior and a negative life experience. Allowing extra time makes it easier to be patient.

22. Always be honest. Speak the truth tactfully. It is better to side step an issue then to needlessly hurt people’s feelings. But lying is never a good idea. Don’t excuse lying by breaking it up into degrees; a little lie is still a lie.

23. Laugh often. Laughter is powerful. It makes you feel good and it is contagious. People have healed their health and their broken lives with laughter. There is too much sadness it the world and laughter is a good antidote.

24. Be grateful. Before you go to bed, review your day and count your blessings. We all have much to be grateful for, we should take some time to feel grateful every single day. The closer you look, the more reasons you will find for gratitude.

25. Greet others. If someone looks at you, say hello. Extend a warm greeting to strangers and watch what happens. Even grumpy faces will often light up with a smile and a simple greeting. Help others enjoy their life experience.

26. Get regular exercise. Set aside time for regular exercise. Workout, play racket ball or tennis, run or speed walk, go dancing, hiking, or whatever you like to do. Just make sure you do it at least three times a week for no less than 30 minutes.

27. Learn new things. Our minds are built for learning and that’s good because there is a lot we don’t know. Learning is a way to keep life interesting and exciting. The ability to learn is a gift that we should always appreciate and use.

28. Share what you have. We all have something to share; time, money, talent, joy, knowledge, friendship, whatever. Sharing sends a message of abundance to our subconscious and adds the joy of giving to our life experience.

29. Enjoy some daily quiet time. There is a lot of noise and activity that fills our days and we need to balance that with some quiet time. It is important to reflect and get centered. I like to do this in the morning so it doesn’t get missed.

30. Continue to grow as a person. Keep working to raise your awareness and further your personal development. This adds increased dimension and depth to our life experience. Life is a process of growth, embrace it.


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