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Self Management

August 31, 2011

Self Management

Why is self-management important?

Self-management techniques are vital to be a successful student. It is quite common that students drop-out of university not because they find the course too difficult to cope with, but because they become overwhelmed by the workload and are unable to manage study commitments with work and family life. You can avoid this dilemma by being organised and maintaining a healthy balance in all areas of your life. This will help you minimize stress and stay motivated in your studies.

Self-management techniques

Some of the practical techniques you can adopt are to:

• learn to cope with stress (see a counselor for assistance if needed);

• develop your self esteem and personal confidence;

• develop effective strategies to cope with conflicts;

• develop a positive attitude to study;

• be patient – learning and academic skills develop gradually;

• reappraise your situation regularly and make the adjustments required to succeed;

• learn from feedback to prevent repeating your mistakes;

• maintain a healthy lifestyle;

• reward yourself with time off from study (in moderation) and

• learn to manage your time better.

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